Switzerland abolishes industrial tariffs

Breaking news in Switzerland! Industrial tariffs have been abolished for almost all products since January 1, 2024! Exceptions apply to agricultural products and fishery products. The exemption covers goods in chapters 25-97, with minor exceptions for some products in chapters 35 and 38. From the above date, customs duties will no longer apply to these products when they are imported into Switzerland, regardless of their origin. With a duty rate of 0%, preferential proof of origin (EUR.1) is no longer required in most cases. However, import customs declarations remain mandatory.

No proof of preference is required since 01.01.2024 in the following cases

  • Final destination of the goods in Switzerland
  • Re-export or processing of the goods in Switzerland and re-export without preferential customs treatment to countries with which no free trade agreement exists
  • Sufficient processing and re-export of Swiss origin without cumulation under the respective free trade agreement

Proof of preference is required (i.e. also an EUR.1) in the following cases:

  • Processing and re-export of the processed goods to a country of destination with which a free trade agreement exists. The processed goods are of Swiss origin, which was obtained using cumulation. This applies, for example, within the framework of the Pan-Euro-Med Convention (PEM)
  • Through-trade (so-called trade cumulation of the Regional Agreement).

Good news also for companies that temporarily import goods: The ATA Carnet can be used, e.g. for trade fair and exhibition goods or goods for scientific, cultural or sporting purposes.

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