Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

What is CBAM? The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a political instrument of the European Union (EU) that aims to make international trade fairer and increase the incentive for companies to reduce their emissions. CBAM relates to the import of goods into the EU and refers to the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacture […]

Switzerland abolishes industrial tariffs

Breaking news in Switzerland! Industrial tariffs have been abolished for almost all products since January 1, 2024! Exceptions apply to agricultural products and fishery products. The exemption covers goods in chapters 25-97, with minor exceptions for some products in chapters 35 and 38. From the above date, customs duties will no longer apply to these […]

LIFA Logistics continues to grow

Honest and quality work ensures that dreams can come true. We are also fulfilling a big dream with this great space in the #FolkartTowers. From now on we also operate from Izmir and coordinate our transports and the business around it. Our location in Turkey enables us to flexibly connect Europe and Asia. We offer […]

Company event on the kart track

The term #WorkLifeBalance ⚖️ is more present than ever – However, not with us. Sounds negative 🤔? NO ❗️- When selecting our team members, we make sure that the chemistry is right 💯. On the one hand, this ensures high-quality and speedy work, but also fun and #FastLife in your free time, which turns work […]

Addition to the LIFA fleet

Growth for LIFA fleet! Yesterday we were allowed to pick up our new Tautliner. The trailer is 13.6m long and has an Edscha hood

Transport request

Transport request